The distinctiveness of Vilkritis is the creation of a new, unique formulation, the provision of a small amount of test product, testing in an in-house laboratory within an especially short period of time, and the provision of recommendations according to the customer’s preferences for raw materials and the desired characteristics of the future product. The colour masterbatches meet the requirements of European standards, so they can be used in products that come in direct contact with food.

The use of ColibriPlast colour masterbatches ensures excellent coating quality and good dispersion, which is essential for achieving maximum product coverage, and makes plastic products highly resistant to UV radiation.

The colour masterbatches are suitable for all new or recycled raw materials such as PE, PP and PS, as well as for the most advanced engineering plastics (ABS, PC, PA, POM, etc.).


All existing colours are created: either according to the provided individual sample, RAL, or Pantone. Attention is given to the raw materials used for the customer’s product, the temperature parameters, the requirements for durability, light resistance, and outdoor conditions as well as to the unique needs of the project. Coloured masterbatches can be given special effects, like pearl, metal, or gold.


White masterbatches are made of high-quality titanium dioxide (TiO2) and stand out for their excellent dispersion, even distribution, stable and easy processing and UV resistance. A wide range of white masterbatches shades, ranging from milky white to bluish, is offered. Combinations with various additives are possible, like UV or process stabilising additive, or slip additive.


Black masterbatches are made with different technologies. On request, they can also be made soot-free. Whether with or without soot, different formulations involve components adapted to the recycling process and the desired result, and the customer is offered the best possible technical, functional, and price-quality result.

Various black masterbatches carriers and combinations with certain additives are available, such as extra UV protection, process stabilising and slip additives, and antioxidants. Black color masterbatches may have a glossy or matt finish.