Vilkritis has been investing in innovations for more than 10 years. New, more sustainable products are continuously being developed. They are individually tested and customised to meet the customers’ needs and ongoing projects. Vilkritis cooperates with European universities in the fields of development, modification, application, and research into polymeric compositions.



  • Certified precision laboratory equipment and special rooms with specific atmospheric conditions allow for the testing of different polymer additives, and their migration and resistance. Individual colours are created and tested or selected from RAL and Pantone pallets.

  • Samples of the product are made for the customers, and processes are simulated using small laboratory equipment: films, vials, and other samples are made by blowing.

  • A research archive is accumulated, documentation of each project is kept, progress and interim batch data are recorded, and all this can be made available to the customer at any time.


Vilkritis is involved in an EU-sponsored development project for bio-plastics made from renewable sources that degrade naturally much faster than conventional plastics.


ColibriPlast products, unparalleled anywhere in the Baltic States, were developed by the VIC, the Vilkritis Innovation Centre, which now runs a laboratory, employs 10 experts in their field, and operates high-quality equipment.


At least 30% of the electricity used for the needs of the headquarters and the Colibriplast production complex is derived from renewable sources. About 60% of the water used in various production processes is rainwater. The Colibriplast products themselves are manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment that meets the “low emission & low consumption” principle.

The materials for the production buildings have been selected to avoid CO2 generation. Offices, warehouses and production halls are heated by the energy generated in the production processes, which is accumulated and then distributed.