We are professional, flexible and reliable, so every customer can rest assured that we will pay them personal attention and offer them the product best suited to their requirements and project needs. Our products are adaptable to different industries.

Health and hygiene

Accessories and instruments made of special medical polymers using an antibacterial additive that can be used in a sterile environment.
In addition, products for everyday use: baby care, feminine hygiene, and adult care items.


In colder climates, films are used for greenhouses, while in warmer climates, they are used to protect plants from solar radiation. The product list also includes mulch and silage films, non-woven fabrics and fertiliser storage bags that can be used for about ten years or more. The production of films uses UV-absorbing, anti-condensation additives.

Flexible and inflexible packaging

Packaging is manufactured using colour concentrates and additives of various intensities: anti-slip, protection against solar radiation, condensation or food drying, as well as enabling labelling and laser marking of the packaging. Packaging can include several layers with different properties.

Production industry

Vilkritis makes colour concentrates for diverse products in these industries: protective films, building installation and maintenance parts and systems, road barriers, markers, and others.

Household and leisure articles

Garden tools, home appliances, electronics, and household items are products to which our additives give the desired properties, while colour concentrates give the desired appearance.


Special additives are offered to meet the requirements of the automotive industry: anti-scratch, UV stabilisers, glass strengthening, and anti-breakage binders.