We create success together, that’s how we build trust.

Our company, established in 1999, specialises in the distribution and sales of plastic products, technical consulting, and the development and production of new, cutting-edge materials. Today we are proud to manufacture our developed brand COLIBRIPLAST products and being the biggest regional distributors of the most innovative and largest polymer manufacturers in the world.

We do not categorise orders and projects by size and do not differentiate prices because all our customers are important.

In our own certified laboratory, we perform tests, produce trial quantities of products, offer samples and analogues, and provide personalised recommendations to customers. Relying on our experience, accumulated knowledge and strong production and technical foundation, we can implement various projects for the production of polymer blends, various additives, colours and engineering plastics. 

We create products for future generations. In our own certified laboratory, we perform tests, produce trial quantities of products, offer samples and analogues.

We create custom colours in compliance with the strictest world quality requirements (maximum allowable delta deviation invisible to the naked eye is 1.0).In the Baltic and Nordic countries, we carry orders 3–4 times a week.


We stock and ensure delivery of the desired quantity with the precision of a day or according to an agreed schedule.


We design packages according to the client’s needs: silos, octabins, big bags, and full pallets/25kg bags.


We support customers by full service, including technical, economical and human sources


> 20

years of experience

> 60

professionals in their field

6,5 %

in annual turnover growth

> 50 mln.

of yearly income

> 10000 t.

of products per year

0,01 %

Accuracy in dosing

We are professional, flexible and reliable, so every customer can rest assured that we will pay them personal attention and offer them the product best suited to their requirements and project needs.

We invest in research and innovation and produce unique products for the future – the eco-friendly ColibriPlast line. We offer solutions that are environmentally friendly, cost-effective and reduce CO2 emissions.

We promote responsible consumption and create a culture of respect for the environment, our employees, and future generations.